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This is my website of outdoor adventures and activities. This site has recently been redesigned - you can expect changes as I populate my previous adventures and add new ones too.

This is the place where I can share my love of the nature that I am fortunate enough to experience. I live in Canada - and there is no shortage of amazing places to visit! The biggest challenge is finding and making time to enjoy the wonders we have right out of our front doors.

My interests are across the map (figuratively and literally). From hiking to biking to photography - I think the outdoors are incredible and like to chronicle my experiences.

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Current Activities: - my plans for 2018

UPDATE! It's been a LONG time since I posted, but I'm back! Stay tuned for updates - and there are several!

Only a few days away from my Nootka Island hike!

This Thursday I am flying to Vancouver Island, will stay in Campbell River overnight at my nephews, then one night in Gold River, and … off to Nootka Island.

Road Ahead: my plans for 2019 and beyond

It would be challenging to state any really concrete plans too far in advance, but I have one objective that is pretty clear - to hike the entire West/North Coast of Vancouver Island.

This is my old home and still feels like home when I visit. I've lived all over Vancouver Island - from the very top to the very bottom, from the very east to the very west. My plan has been to hike:

South - Juan de Fuca (done 2016)
Middle/South - West Coast Trail (done July 2017)
Middle/North - Nootka island - Yuquot which is VERY significant historically - (booked for July 2018)
North Island - The North Island Trail (TBD)

Other than those objectives, I have a massive amount of world-class hiking in my current back yard - the Canadian Rockies. There is (and have been) people that have hiked their entire lives and only seen a fraction of what is available.

Fortunately for me, I've lived in Banff and am at the edge of Calgary where I can return to the area in very short order. Of course, I can also go north and south to some amazing parks.

Past Activities:

These are all over the website. Sadly, I didn't always do a great job of tracking and photographing my trips. This is why this website exists. So I can keep my own journal, share with family and friends - and, if you are a compete stranger - you too are welcome.

What I hope happens is that it motivates me to do more and for others to join in.

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Home on the beach.

In hindsight, I "might" have levelled out the tent a bit more. It wasn't bad, but flat is better :)

Tent: Hilleberg Jannu
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The Great Outdoors

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