Here is my BLOG on my various adventures. I'm fortunate to live in a country (Canada) where our backyards are all close to incredible natural areas. My backyard is the Rocky Mountains, and my original home is Vancouver Island - so I've explored and enjoyed mostly along the western part of North America.

Of course, this isn't the only place I want to explore! The east, the north, the south - wherever I am, I plan to visit and see as much as I can. The world is amazing - places, people, nature.

This is the BLOG where I talk about that.

Taking my time – long-exposure photos

A misty, smooth, peaceful scene of water against rock has always been one of my favourite scenic images to view. There is something serene in how the scene slows the motion of the water and captures not the image exactly as it was, but captures it as it was felt. However, when I was younger … Continue reading Taking my time – long-exposure photos

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Nootka Island Videos – and West Coast Trail

Okay. I’m a little behind 🙂 My 2017 trip to the West Coast Trail needs to get uploaded. My 2018 trip to Nootka Island needs to get uploaded. So I really need to get my video editing going! Meanwhile – over on my YouTube Channel (also under Franklandish) – I do have some videos of … Continue reading Nootka Island Videos – and West Coast Trail

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West Coast Trail 2017 – Day 1

It’s about time to get these videos done and posted. It was about a year and a half ago that I finished hiking the West Coast Trail. Here’s my Day 1 Video.

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Repairing my ULA Pack

When I was on the West Coast Trail in July 2017, I broke the internal frame of my ULA Circuit pack. ULA was very quick to replace it. In this video, I show how I dealt with the problem on the trail and how I repaired it once I was at home. I’ll be on … Continue reading Repairing my ULA Pack

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It’s all about healthy balls

Hello all! Here’s the video on my healthy hiking/gym peanut butter balls. These are SUPER easy to make (no baking), healthy and delicious!  

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Walking in the Park – and water filters.

Here’s my latest YouTube Video on the Franklandish channel. I take a nice walk and then filter some water using my WaterOne filter and my CNOC water bags.  

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Back to the BLOG!

It’s been awhile since I’ve actively engaged in this BLOG, but I suppose I should. So much has and is happening – that I suffered from the double-edged challenge of having plenty to write about, but not much time to do so. To that end – I’m going to post a number of short “catch-up” … Continue reading Back to the BLOG!

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The New BLOG Home

My previous BLOG host is now closing down – so I have switched my BLOG to WordPress – where I will continue to write about my adventures on land, sea, and air (as they happen). I’m actually quite excited to make this switch, because WordPress will allow some features and capabilities that my other provider … Continue reading The New BLOG Home

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A Mobile Post

This post is just a mobile test. If it works well – if it appears – then it means I can easily BLOG from my iPhone. A nice feature for sure.

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