Here is my BLOG on my various adventures. I'm fortunate to live in a country (Canada) where our backyards are all close to incredible natural areas. My backyard is the Rocky Mountains, and my original home is Vancouver Island - so I've explored and enjoyed mostly along the western part of North America.

Of course, this isn't the only place I want to explore! The east, the north, the south - wherever I am, I plan to visit and see as much as I can. The world is amazing - places, people, nature.

This is the BLOG where I talk about that.

The New BLOG Home

My previous BLOG host is now closing down – so I have switched my BLOG to WordPress – where I will continue to write about my adventures on land, sea, and air (as they happen).

I’m actually quite excited to make this switch, because WordPress will allow some features and capabilities that my other provider didn’t. While my other BLOG host was very “clean” and easy to work with – I think the better option is WordPress and I probably should have started here to beging with.

My older posts are not really worth the effort to re-post, but I may re-write or copy some elements over here given time.

Welcome to the Franklandish BLOG!