Welcome to the Geocaching section of my website - a place where I discuss topics around my hobby of Geocaching. My handle is: Lemon Fresh Dog - for those of you who know what geocaching is.

For those of you that don't - you should! Check it out HERE

I've been caching since June, 1, 2004 - not as actively as some folks and certainly not to the same extent. My main interest in the hobby is to find caches when I travel to new cities or when I am out in the woods. Basically, I am not very interested in what they call "micro" and "nano" caches in the city.

Geocaching appeals to me because it really relates back to the concept of "Peak Logs" - these were containers set at the top of mountain peaks for subsequent assents - where those summiting would write their name, the date, maybe a note.

Today we have technology in the form of GPSr units that allow our "summits" to be any location that someone chooses to place a cache - and there are millions of them across the globe.

This normally means that you can find one when you are out hiking or travelling (or at the end of the street if you are into that).

It's an activity you can enjoy on your own or with a family - so you should check it out if you haven't already.

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