This is the place where I post videos of my adventures - or at least some of them. Check out specific adventures for images and videos relating to them.

The videos here do not have context in another area and are mostly instructional or tests of equipment.

Hopefully they are interesting and help others with questions that I've researched and captured.
Here's a video I made to help anyone looking to convert .fit files into .gpx files.

This is for those that own Garmin Vivoactive devices and want to map their journeys into Garmin Basecamp (or another program) so they can create adventures to share.

My Canon 6D has a built-in GPSr, but it eats batteries like crazy - so I am going to use my watch to capture my tracks, time-sync it to the camera (basically just make sure the time is the same on the camera and watch) and then I can geotag the photos to there location by time.