In the summer of 2016, I hiked the Juan de Fuca Trail on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

This is a wonderful trail that allowed me to experience a multi-day hike in terrain similar to the famous West Coast Trail (WCT). It also is easier to get onto - as it does not have the same reservation system that the WCT does.

My hiking partners on this trip were my friend Shelley (actually my wife's best friend), my neighbour John, and his friend Miro. An eclectic group, but all very nice people to walk and camp with.

I wasn't sure what to expect on the hike exactly, but I lived all over Vancouver Island when I was growing up - from remote logging camps to the two largest "cities": Nanaimo and Victoria. So I was used to the environment and had camped in the coastal woods as a Scout when I was younger.

Trip to the Island

My family and I all drove out to the island from Calgary and made a vacation of it. While I was hiking they stayed with family (and in a hotel too). It was very convenient because my brother-in-law owns a cafe in Jordan River - which is where we planned to exit the hike. The plan being to start in Port Renfrew and come out at Jordan River (where an Americano was waiting for me… actually, where one would be freshly made :)
  •  The Trailhead

    The Trailhead

  •  North to South - it begins

    North to South - it begins

  •  Ocean Walk

    Ocean Walk

  •  Walks in the Woods

    Walks in the Woods

  •  Suspension Bridge

    Suspension Bridge

  •  Secret Waterfall

    Secret Waterfall

  •  Hiking to the waterfall

    Hiking to the waterfall

  •  Camping by the Ocean

    Camping by the Ocean

  •  Fallen logs - we had a bridge :)

    Fallen logs - we had a bridge :)

  •  Light in the forest

    Light in the forest

  •  Ocean shelf hiking

    Ocean shelf hiking

  •  Irregular Rock

    Irregular Rock

  •  Sunset from camp

    Sunset from camp

  •  Handrails are handy

    Handrails are handy

  •  Rocks on display

    Rocks on display

  •  The Cold Shoulder Cafe

    The Cold Shoulder Cafe