Woss Lake Fire Lookout

This lookout on the northern part of Vancouver Island is an interesting hike that many may miss.

Just off the island highway, you approach this hike with a steep drive up a logging road to a "parking lot" at the trail head. There is enough room to park and you most likely will want a truck/Jeep type of vehicle to get up to the area. You could also park below and walk-up - which would mean a hike up a logging road.

I did this hike with my nephew (I have family in Woss and used to live in Nimpkish Camp). The hike is very steep with rope sections, but not long or too arduous.

It's a fire lookout - so the view is very nice and "open". Great for photographers! We had a rain storm coming in, so the images I got were a bit rushed and not great - hopefully they still convey the great view you can get.
  •  Views in all directions

    Views in all directions

  •  Roped Pathways for climbing

    Roped Pathways for climbing

  •  Old Telegraph Line

    Old Telegraph Line

  •  The Lookout Building (rebuilt)

    The Lookout Building (rebuilt)

  •  More Views

    More Views

  •  Looking East I think

    Looking East I think

  •  Looking down island

    Looking down island

  •  Rainstorm on the way

    Rainstorm on the way

  •  Lake in the distance

    Lake in the distance

  •  Standing in the Lookout

    Standing in the Lookout

  •  Historical Information

    Historical Information

  •  Lookout Building

    Lookout Building

  •  Steep climb helped by ropes

    Steep climb helped by ropes

  •  Looking down the path

    Looking down the path

  •  Hiking to the truck

    Hiking to the truck

  •  Sign at the trail head

    Sign at the trail head