Close to Calgary is a wonderful and imposing rock face that dominates the landscape. Called Yamuska, this face has a steep hike across it's face to a summit route and to the top.

  •  The face of Yamnuska

    The face of Yamnuska

  •  Tracks and Elevation

    Tracks and Elevation

  •  Towards the base of the wall - UP

    Towards the base of the wall - UP

  •  Rock Face Ahead

    Rock Face Ahead

  •  Ascending


  •  Climbers route trail

    Climbers route trail

  •  Trail


  •  Face


  •  Along the face

    Along the face

  •  Trail towards summit approach

    Trail towards summit approach

  •  View


  •  Summit View

    Summit View

  •  Running down the mountain (shale)

    Running down the mountain (shale)